Mr. Seshasayee

Vice Chairman, Ashok Leyland Ltd.

“Aishwarya Trust, under the leadership of Mrs. Chitra Viswanathan, is doing outstanding work in the focused area of providing medical support to underprivileged children with CHD in Tamil Nadu.
A civilized society should not allow its young to die, only for want of means. Institutions like Aiswarya Trust truly give us the comfort that our society is civilized and caring.”

Mrs. Yasmeen Premji

“Warmest congratulations Aishwarya… Please keep up the wonderful, ‘straight-from-the-heart’ work that you have been doing for the past eight years… It’s been an honour to be associated with you… May you do better and better with each passing year… giving many more children a chance to live…”

Mr.Shanker Annaswamy

Senior Advisor – India Enterprise, IBM India/ South Asia.

“Congratulations! Through your indefatigable efforts and personal passion you and the Aishwarya Trust have made a difference to the world. Please count on our continued support as you expand and lead Aishwarya foundation to new areas.”

Mr.AR Rahman

Singer, songwriter, Music director

“The cause of saving the lives of children with congenital heart defects is very dear to my heart. Having gone through the treatment of CHD with my child, I know the trauma of the families affected by it. The situation is even more heartbreaking if the parents do not have the means to bear the cost of the treatment. As early diagnosis and treatment can save the lives and cure these children,it is very important that we ensure that every child affected by CHD gets a chance to be treated.
Aishwarya Trust is doing commendable work in this direction to help children from economically vulnerable backgrounds to get access to the best available treatment in the country.
Do come forward and help Aishwarya Trust to increase the magnitude of their work if you can….
Giving Charity Increases your wealth !

Mr. Nihal Kaviratne CBE

Founder, St. Jude India ChildCare Centres.

Chairman, AkzoNobel India Limited.,
“When asked which Indian social service organisations I most respect and admire, at the top of a very short list is the Aishwarya Trust.
Founded on a big idea and run with exemplary passion, dedication, love, care, focus, efficiency, quality, efficiency and integrity, they do rather than tell. The outcome they achieve speaks for itself…”

Dr. V.Raghunathan

CEO,GMR Varalakshmi Foundation.

“There aren’t many causes more worthy than saving human lives…especially young human lives. Imagine an innocent baby that will not live to see many dawns because the ovarian lottery dealt it a cruel congenital heart condition. Imagine the plight of the family that knows that their child’s condition is curable but that they simply cannot afford it. It is with cases such as these that Aishwarya Trust is making a difference.
On its fifth anniversary, Aishwarya Trust, started by a highly committed father-daughter duo of Shri K. Nagarajan and Chitra Vishwanathan, has already saved nearly 500 little lives. The Trust represents the power of the difference which simple but passionate individuals can make to society, especially in a country like ours where a large percentage of those below the poverty line still do not have access to comprehensive medicare.
Baby Aishwarya who inspired the Trust must be smiling in the Heavens!!!”