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Our Volunteers

  1. Ms. Nitya Viswanathan – Nitya works as a senior consultant and helps with grant appeals, donor interaction, events and overall management of Aishwarya Trust.
  2. Mr. Vinod Chandrashekar 
  3. Ms. Lalitha Sokkan - Lalitha works as a Manager at Bosch Ltd . She has been volunteering for Aishwarya Trust from the very beginning of our journey
  4. Mr. Sokkan – Mr. Sokkan takes care of all our publishing work and also volunteers his time for all  events by Aishwarya Trust.
  5. Mr. Varun  
  6. Mr. Magesh – Magesh works as a senior accounts manager in an MNC in Chennai and looks after the web accounts and the data management.
  7. Ms. Shruthi -Shurthi works at Fortis Malar hospital. She manages and maintains all the patient details and files.
  8. Mr. K.K. Sridhar
  9. Mr. Vinod Ramanarayanan
  10. Mr. Kesavan Selvaraj