What is the status of CHD in India?

1% of children are born with CHD and 85% of the cases are not diagnosed or treated in time. The global incidents of CHD are 8-10/100 live births. Nearly 33% to 50% of CHD are critical, requiring intervention in the first year of life itself. The burden of CHD is huge in India due to our very high birth rate. Roughly around 1,80,000 children are born each year in India with CHD. Of these nearly 60,000 to 90,000 require early intervention. Approximately 10% of infant mortality in India could be attributed to CHD alone.

How do we reach out to children with CHD?

  • Referred by Government or Private Hospitals
  • Identified during rural screening camps and our own ongoing screening programs as a part of Government schemes and initiatives by private organizations
  • Referred by people as directed on the Trust`s website

What are the sources where Aishwarya Trust receives help?

We collaborate with key stakeholders including government health departments (and their programs), private hospitals, key cardiac surgeons / professionals, private Healthcare companies (like GE Healthcare, TTK Healthcare, Medtronic etc), corporates and their CSR programs, high net worth individuals, and large businesses.

The program is unique as we work on an efficient model where we effectively use the Government Insurance scheme to benefit the deserving poor, make the private hospitals subsidize their costs for this program, use the skills of the Doctors, and encourage the Corporates to donate generously towards the cause.

How can anyone be a volunteer and how can they contribute?

As a volunteer at Aishwarya Trust, one can help manage our website, contribute to data mining, planning, and execute our events and screening camps. One can always come up with ideas and proposals that can help raising funds to help underprivileged children, raise awareness about CHD, help at the screening camps.

How do we manage our finances?

Aishwarya Trust has a totally strict and transparent record in Finance and administration.

We have the case details including parents’ BPL details, diagnosis, surgery and discharge details of each child that we have operated.

We maintain complete and comprehensive financial records. Based on our clean records we have got the foreign currency regulation act clearance and 80 G tax benefits certificates. We incur a very small administrative cost of less than 3%.

What is meant by blue baby?

A baby with a blue complexion from lack of oxygen in the blood due to a congenital defect of the heart or major blood vessels. This is also called blue baby syndrome.