children’s stories


Born into a financially underprivileged family, Kalaivani was just 2 months old when she was diagnosed with complex Congenital Heart Defect. Suffering from acute breathing difficulty and related problems, the child was staring at a bleak future. Backed by help from Aishwarya Trust and expert care from a team of pediatric consultants and cardiac surgeons headed by Dr. K R Balakrishnan, the child underwent a successful cardiac surgery. The Intra-Cardiac Repair procedure was performed on 26th April 2016 and the child was discharged on 25th May 2016.

Baby Vijayalakshmi

Baby Vijayalakshmi was born at the Saidapet Corporation Hospital, Chennai where Aishwarya Trust runs a cardiac screening program. The screening revealed that the child had transposition of the great arteries. For the parents, who got Vijayalakshmi after 8 years of marriage, this was a big blow. However, early detection also meant that the child could be saved. The child was immediately shifted to the Fortis Malar Hospital where she was operated upon by a team of cardiac specialists led by Dr. K.R. Balakrishnan the same day. Vijayalakshmi was discharged on the 15th day, and today, she is leading a normal life like any other child.


Seethuraman‘s heart defect was first diagnosed when he started walking. The child could not walk more than a few steps, suffered from breathlessness, and would turn blue at the slightest exertion. Thankfully his condition was detected early and with help from Aishwarya Trust, he was operated successfully on 1st Dec 2009. Today, the child is healthy and leads an active life. There are many inspiring stories like this one, that showcase how early detection of CHD can save lives.

Naveen Jeevan

2-year-old Naveen Jeevan is another child whom we have helped in his fight against CHD. Hailing from an underprivileged family in Pilani, the child suffered from breathlessness, could not eat properly, and would turn blue at the slightest exertion. His heart condition was diagnosed on time, and he was successfully operated on 5th August 2010. He has recuperated well and is leading an active life today.


Suman was referred to Aishwarya Trust on the third day of his birth. He was bluish and had difficulty in breathing. On assessment, it was discovered that he had Valvular Pulmonary Atresia with intact ventricular septum. He underwent non-surgical intervention and was then operated upon. The procedure was expensive but with financial aid from Aishwarya Trust, all expenses were met. Now Suman leading a normal life and preparing to join school soon.

Vannia Raja Perumal

Vannia Raja Perumal was diagnosed with CHD when he was 8 years old. The child could not eat properly and walked very slowly. As he belonged to a poor family, funding his operation posed a challenge to the family. Aishwarya Trust came to the family’s aid, and the child was operated on 3rd August 2010.


Three-year-old Mahadivya had already undergone an operation for a complex cyanotic congenital heart disease on 29th April 2016 when an echocardiogram revealed a VSD. The child was immediately operated upon by Dr. K.R. Balakrishnan and his team, and the VSD was closed successfully. As Mahadivya underwent two heart surgeries at such a tender age, her heart needed extra support for a few days. Aishwarya Trust facilitated ECMO support for two days for the child after which she was discharged. Today, Mahadivya has successfully recuperated and is enjoying her childhood.


She is a 45 day old baby with very complex HEART DISEASE. Her main heart tubes were coming off the heart in a wrong direction and she had big hole in her pumping chambers (TGA, large VSD). The hole was very big. If she has not been operated before 3month of age, she would have succumbed. She had successfully underwent Arterial Switch Operation. All the necessary investigations are supported by “Aishwarya Trust”.


He is 22 years old young boy who has been blue since his childhood. He suffers from complex cyanotic congenital heart disease. He was refused surgery in all the reputed cardiac centres because of his complex problem and the cost involved. There has been no case reports published similar to his condition so far.
He had surgery at Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai with the help of “Aishwarya Trust”. On discharge his symptoms were much better. He was grateful for all the team involved.


Priyadharshini is 1yr old baby. She had poor weight gain and breathlessness. She was seen in NRHM CAMP. She has been diagnosed with a major heart problem. Because of the heart problem her lung pressures were very high. So she had angiogram to check whether her heart condition can be operated. Normally the surgery should have been done prior to one year of age. With the help of “Aishwarya Trust” she had all the investigations and surgery was done successfully.


Ambika is 12 yrs old child with a hole in the heart. She was referred from NRHM camp. Her main valve (aortic valve) was stuck inside the hole. Because of this she had leakage in the valve. She needed surgery to prevent the future complication. All the preliminary investigations are supported by “Aishwarya Trust” She was operated successfully and discharged home.